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bling impress service


1. Free design
2. Free sample
3. Collocation recommendation
4. Free design for packing

In sale

1. Visit the production process during production
2. Regularly report the production progress

After sale

1. Provide a certain amount of spare parts for free
2. Year warranty(Or provide glue and crystal with the product
why choose bling impress?

Quality Assurance

In order to ensure the quality of products, we use mature and stable technology, choose high-grade materials and we strict control of each process, repeated quality inspection to ensure the normal delivery of products, Finally, pack the package safely to prevent transportation problems.

Unique Design

Our designs, most inspired by nature and life, are 100% original.Designers often go out of office , embrace nature and life. Only from nature and life can they design products that fit nature and life.

Fast Shipping Speed

After years of accumulation, we have cooperated with many express companies. No matter what type of express delivery requirements, we can meet your requirements and ensure that the products can be delivered to you in time.
Business Model
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