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The maintenance of diamond bag,crystal bag

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The maintenance of diamond bag,crystal bag

Issue Time:2019-08-20

Fashion gurus who have a deep research on woman's bags believe that bags are an indispensable part of every woman's life.Among all bags possessing several crystal bags are indispensable for woman.Every woman wants to buy as many bags as possible to satisfy her usual match. So many women have a certain number of bags in their homes, it is necessary for women to maintain their bag. Many women are very good at bag maintenance. But after understanding the bag maintenance knowledge, you should also know how to collect.How to collect out-of-season leather bags?

When changing seasons or not using for a long time, bags must be cleared up then could be collected. The package should be cleaned and then air-dried in a cool place,before storage it is need to cover a layer of leather protectant. In order not to deform the bag, the inner layer should be stuffed with plain fabric to maintain the shape of the bag.

Clean the leather surface before storage, and put a clean shredded paper or cotton shirt in the bag to keep the shape of the bag.Then put the bag in the soft cotton bag. The bag stored in the cabinet should avoid improper extrusion and deformation.

Paper fillers can not be used for a long time to prevent the pests which caused by moisture,A desiccant (moisture-proofing agent) should be placed in the bag to protect it from moisture.But avoid putting mothballs or other smelly things together.

Some bags are sold with a dust bag, which is protected the outside of the bag when stored. Bags must be placed at intervals to prevent mutual staining and rubbing.

When dirt is attached, gently wipe it with an eraser and carefully cover the colorless leather paste on bags.

When the white leather bag is slightly yellow, you can use toothbrushes with a little neutral detergent to wipe the whole bag. At this time, the sewing part can be removed with the old toothbrush.

For the crystal bags,it is need to store in a dry, non-corrosive non-atmosphere and non-liquid environment. For our Swarovski crystal, it has a high resistance to oxidation and remains bright for a long time. If it is another glass crystal or acrylic crystal, it will oxidize and turn yellow in two to three years.

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