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2019 evening bag trend style

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2019 evening bag trend style

Issue Time:2019-08-20

Evening bags are very popular. According to the region, Europeans and Americans usually prefer to attend parties, so evening bags are very popular in Europe and America.Although Asians attend fewer banquets and parties, the fashion design of European and American evening bags conforms to the aesthetics of most people, so European and American evening bags are also popular in other Asian regions.

For those young women in Asia,they prefer Japanese and Korean evening bags,Japanese and Korean evening bags are more in line with the aesthetic of young Asian women,For small parties that are not very formal, they prefer casual evening bags, and after the party, shopping seems less abrupt and restrained.

European and American style evening package, Japanese and Korean style evening package and leisure style evening package are popular styles at present. Among them, Euro-American style is the mainstream market, and Euro-American user groups are also large, the demand for evening bags is greater.

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